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I am a Danish photographer living in Glasgow.

All photos tagged #Grundvold are taken by me and most of the time with me as the model.

If you want prints of my photos, want to do some sort collaboration on a cool project or maybe want to be a model in one of my pictures please contact me straight away.

E-mail: petersen@grundvold.dk

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/grundvold

Twitter: www.twitter.com/grundvold

tastefully-unclad asked: A long time ago, I fell in love with the art of Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Have you seen his photographs? Do you relate to them?


Great pictures, didn’t know about him.


In the woods.

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Home again/Jemme igen (by Grundvold)

such an amazing photo

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stephengrebinski asked: also I'd collaborate with you if I knew something interesting to do. a little zine or book or something? your perfect portraits plus something of mine in a diptych situation. Who knows


Sure, that would be great.

stephengrebinski asked: I remember you from flickr but stopped using it. Glad to find you here again, still doing good things :)


Thanks, you’re doing some great stuff too.

Anonymous asked: I remember you posting about applying to an art school in Glasgow, did you ever hear back from them?


I got the answer a few days ago. I got in, but I’m not sure if I will accept the offer or not as my husband and I might be moving to another country.


Dressed for war/Klædt til strid (by Grundvold)

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lundssons asked: I hope you'll be back soon :-)


I’ll always come back.

Another beautiful drawing from Nils Henrik.

I received these two fantastic drawings the other day from one of my followers on flickr, his name is Nils Henrik and this is his website: www.nilshenrik.dk.

totalconsumer asked: I love your work! I can't wait to see more of your originals



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Naked in the fog/Nøgen i tågen (by Grundvold)

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